My name is David Hammarberg- circusartist from Sweden, born in India.

I have been doing circus and gymnastics since i was a child, and never had another job.

This year i got the chanse to perform in live TV- Sweden´s got Talent and got so pleased with standing ovations from the Jury and the audiance at my audition and Semifinal! Don´t miss to check out my videos.

My passion  is to perform and have workshops in different disciplines like ; juggling, unicycle, trapeze, handstand, acrobatics & aerial-acrobatics for different ages and levels.

I have work with a lot of TV shows, dinnershows, festivals, nightclubs, traditional circuses and events around the world, mostly in Europe.
I can always change my act in style, music, costume and  choreography to fit in any kind of event,show or production.

Please contact me for more information and booking!

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profil1    David Hammarberg

    Tel: (+46) 070 222 1397
    Mail: cirkus_akrobat@hotmail.com

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